thii2 ii2 2tupiid
You turn sideways and basically cling to his neck for dear life as you slow down and breathe for a bit. After a while, you explain everything you were thinking about before your stupid eyes decided to release water like a waterfall.

You pat her shoulder and stroke her hair lovingly and kiss her forehead as she tells you what she’s been thinking. You’ve felt that she was upset with you and you raise her chin with your finger and kiss her forehead.

iit2 okay baby. ii can under2tand why you felt liike thii2.

iim glad you told me honey.

You want to ask how he knew you had a headache but whatever. You're too emotionally tired to protest. You thank him for the stuff and get to downing it. Once the pills are down, you chug that water like no other. Dehydration by tears sucks.

You pat her head and lead her to the couch away from your messy trashed computer room. There you sit down and bring her into your lap wrapping your arms around her waist.

now tell me my honey bee. what diid you wii2h two 2ay??

you purr encouragingly in her ear and rub her back soothingly.

After what seems like forever, your sobs and tears peter out, leaving you with a headache and a head full of things to say. "I'm sorry. I- I don't know why I started crying. I'm not- okay I am angry at you but I'm angry at myself too and it's all very... UGH" You're so eloquent right now.

ii know. ii know iit2 okay. here 2tay riight here and dont move. iill briing you 2ome human mediiciine four your headache.

You dash into your kitchen and open the pantry cupboard and get two headache pills out. You walk back and offer them to her with a bottle of water you grabbed along the way back.

here honey. take thii2

You want to tell him you're frustrated and angry at the both of you, but you can't seem to get any words out through the near silent sobs you let out as you lean against him.

hey hey iit2 goiing two bee okay. you’ll 2ee.

You pat her head lovingly and kiss her head and eventually you raise her face to yours and you kiss her gently.

forgiive me plea2e?? ii dont know what two do when you cry. plea2e tell me my matespriit.

With that, you look up at him and nod. You can feel the tears brimming behind your eyes and you might cry if you start explaining. Explaining that you're just as angry at yourself for not checking in. Maybe you could have helped him or something. He hasn't even gone into detail for how long or how or what happened so the fact that you're in the dark still is just that much worse. Nope, you feel that first tear spill out...

oohh honey 2hoo2h

You bring her into your arms and start to pat her head comfortingly. You kiss her head and shoosh her repeatedly

ii 2hould have told you baby. iim 2orry. 2hoo2h there there. ii ju2t wa2 afraiid youd bee up2et that ii wa2nt takiing better care of my2elf. but iit turn2 out two bee the oppo2iite huh?? iim 2orry honey. 

You don't grace him with any reaction. If he seriously can't figure it out, there's something wrong. You swear if you open your mouth you'll lose your conviction to stay angry so you don't, instead opting for worrying your bottom lip and looking around the room.

You sigh and hang your head for a bit.

iit2 becau2e of my coma ii2nt iit??

You look up and felt a painful pang in your heart.

ii2 iit becau2e ii diidnt go two you fir2t or let you know a2ap??

You would have made a sound if you hadn't been gritting your teeth silently. You sigh exasperatedly and look to the side at the floor instead. "Nothing. Let me go. There's more cleaning to do."

nope nope. not after you tell me what2 wrong.

you raise your hand and touch the side of her cheek.

baby ii hate 2eeiing you up2et. what2 wrong??

you make a animal-puppy eye-ed face as you look at her.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong. What could possibly be wrong?" you practically hiss. He may not have seen you roll your eyes but you sure as fuck hope he heard it in your voice.

there ii2 2omthiing wrong hun

you then quickly spin her around and have her face you. you pout and look straight into her eyes.

what2 wrong??

"I seriously have no idea though..." You are definitely pouting like a respectable adult. You stand and nod. "That's probably the best bet to get it out." Nope, when he hugs you, you make no move to turn around and give no response. You are still miffed god dammit.

hey baby tell me what2 wrong??

you pout and start to purr into her ear. you noticed she’s been put out since she got here and you do have an idea why but you would rather hear her sweet voice, even if its pissed off.

"Thanks." You're too annoyed by this stupid stain to be flustered on any level. "What the hell even caused this? It's impossible to get out," you say angrily but half to yourself and half to him.

take a wiild gue22 honey

you sigh and start to scrub away the stain and shrugging you soak the spot with a cleaning agent.

there, maybee let that 2iit four a whiile and 2ee how iit goe2.

You then wrap your arms around her waist and purr.

iim glad you came 2weetiie

You groan and huff a little in a different sort of frustration. There's this dumb stain where the floor and the wall meet and it's just NOT coming out. What the hell even left this stain? It's so dark too...

You scrub out the last bit on your side of the wall and you go over to check how Dayna is doing. You notice she is having trouble with this one spot.

here let me help you

you reach an arm around her shoulder and your hand grasps hers as she tries to scrub out the stain. Your lips are very close to her ear and you breathe as little as you can so you dont freak her out.

Despite trying to keep your cool/angry facade, you end up fumbling with the items he's tossed you. It's not like you were expecting it. You nod at his comment then head in the opposite direction while shaking your head at yourself slightly. At least cleaning will help you get some of your frustration out. Hopefully.

You scrub away and look back seeing your honey hard at work and you can’t help staring at her cute booty. But you remember you have to at least get this shit clean before you start to tease her. A smirk escaped your lips.

keep iit twogether 2ollux

you whisper with a mischievous grin

You mentally punch yourself for forgetting and you have to stop yourself from actually facepalming. Instead, you allow yourself to say a soft 'oh' of surprise. "Now what?"

two 2econd2

Earlier before she came you brought new floors and started to piece them together like a puzzle. When you were done, you then toss her a cleaning detergent and a rag and point to the walls.

Maybe 2tart cleaniing 2hiit here and there that you 2ee.

You grab yourself a cleaner and a rag towel and you begin to scrub away.

It makes sense about the floor part with how much tech gunk there is but you can't help the surprised look on your face when he says so so nonchalantly. Like it's not a major upheaval of architecture. "Oh..." pause, "how are you gonna manage the floor work?"

power2 hun.

you give her a wink and step out of the computer space. using your mind powers, you begin to unhinge the floor boards slowly and raising them up one by one swiftly and efficiently tossing them into the bin.

there. that2 iit.

you grin.